What is Below the Fold?

Below the Fold is the only newsletter sharing news stories you aren't hearing anywhere else. We believe there's an abundance of sources available for hearing the trending, latest, and breaking news updates; we seek to instead expand your knowledge of the world by digging up stories equally important, but hidden in the trenches of the internet.

The term itself comes from traditional newspaper publishing when there was an actual physical fold in the middle of the paper. "Below the Fold" referred to all the stories published, well, below that physical fold.

Our Four Core Values

  1. 1. Controlled Context l
  2. We write stories using multiple, reputable sources to bring context and make even the most complex subjects simple to understand.

  3. 2. News Wellness l
  4. A term we coined, we prioritize healthful news reading experiences, whether that's how we write, organize, or design.

  5. 3. A Move to Action l
  6. We weave in meaningful and low effort ways readers can actively participate in the issues discussed.

  7. 4. Sustainable Growth l
  8. We strive to meet four bottom lines: people, planet, purpose, and profit. Our growth is rooted in sustainable practices and a commitment to our reader experience.

Speaking of profit...

We're able to provide a free newsletter by partnering with valued sponsors. We promise that:

  1. You will never see more than one sponsor per newsletter.
  2. All stories, including sponsored ones, are selected, written, and directed by our editorial team.

Our Team

Anum Hussain, Co-Founder & CEO

Anum started her career as a correspondent for The Boston Globe before embarking on a five-year journey as product and growth marketer at HubSpot. While pursuing her MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management, she focused all her energy on marrying her backgrounds in media and tech for the greater good. Along the way, she's held roles at Snapchat and Rough Draft Ventures.

Vivian Diep, Co-Founder & CTO

Vivian studied computer science at Boston College before completing her masters at the MIT Media Lab, where she worked on future of news design and development projects for companies such as Bloomberg and Comcast. Her time in the lab not only fully immersed her in sustainable news systems, but how we can use technology to support and better serve our content. Along the way, she previously co-founded Deepstream, a video news startup.

Joseph Burgess, Advisor

Joseph brings over a decade of leadership experience from the country's top media and technology companies to Below the Fold, including as a founding editor at Apple News and editor at The New York Times. He has a keen interest in using local news to unite America, helping direct and guide our newsletter's local news strategy.

See for yourself.

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