Families separated at border to be monetarily compensated 

in November 17th, 2021

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Nearly three years after Trump-era policy began separating children from their parents at the border, families are finally reuniting. As a refresher, the 2018 “zero tolerance” policy was enacted to discourage asylum seekers from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Those being prosecuted under this policy were detained in federal facilities, but accompanying children were held separately elsewhere (such as hotels in New York). President Biden ended the zero tolerance policy in his first month in office.

Of the over 5,000 children affected, just about all have been reunited with their parents or placed in other custodial arrangements. And though little can erase the trauma they faced, the U.S. Department of Justice is in the process of compensating families for the suffering caused by the zero tolerance era. While an exact amount is still being discussed, past figures shared have been around $450,000.

The awkward part? Biden seemed unaware of the plan. Earlier this month, Biden told a reporter his administration will not be financially compensating these families — at least until his team clarified that he was simply negating the $450,000 figure. Biden has since voiced support of the compensation plans.

As a part of the process, attorneys are also trying to acquire legal status for the affected immigrants, who are often migrating to escape unsafe and dangerous circumstances.

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In continued exciting news, another policy has been enacted restricting U.S. immigration authorities from arresting immigrants anywhere they receive or engage in essential services/activities.

Many immigrants have feared going to hospitals — which are on the newly restricted list alongside schools, places of worship, and children’s playgrounds — even when experiencing life-threatening medical needs. Help share this news and encourage everyone to visit these safe spaces fearlessly.

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