The wrong kind of influencing and the unintentional war on wildlife

by Vivian Diep in November 11th, 2022

Latest Toll of Russia’s War: 700 dolphins

Thu Nov 3

War reports often focus on the destruction of cities and lives, but they seem to miss one important yet voiceless victim: our wildlife. In a time of climate change and deteriorating ecosystems, we cannot afford to lose much, but a recent count shows that 700 dolphins have died in the Black Sea due to military activity in those waters.

Bombs and mines have hit dolphins and are so noisy that they can’t navigate or communicate using sound as they normally do. As a result, the dolphins become disorientated and end up starving, wandering into unfamiliar territory and getting caught in fishermen’s nets, or stranded ashore where some have been found with burn marks. Experts are worried the populations won’t rebound in the area, especially as certain coastal areas near Ukraine are vital to some dolphins and porpoises.

And this is a pattern seen long before this Russian war. In the past, wars have resulted in:

  • Steep declines in wild animal populations from being hunted to feed armies or to finance war operations.
  • Asian elephants killed for being suspected supply carriers
  • Wildlife injury and death from crossfire of guns or landmines and from exposure to chemicals
  • Disruption of natural habitats as refugees try to escape conflict zones
  • Entire zoos left to die in their cages as people flee the conflict zones

On the other hand, there have also been moments of greater conservation due to war. For example, there was an increase in elephant populations in Zimbabwe as poachers avoided the area due to the civil war. Similarly, the lack of human activity In the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea has allowed for growth of wildlife.

With 80% of wars occurring directly in biodiversity hotspots, the question of conservation is heavily dependent on social and political contexts. Activists recognize that world peace is unlikely and focus efforts on awareness (gaining global attention can funnel resources towards protection), monitoring, and rebuilding post conflict. At the very least, it's clear that global conservation efforts can only be successful if they include war-torn regions.


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Syria: Influencers Welcomed, Journalists Persecuted

Since the revolution began a decade ago, 711 journalists have been murdered. Just this past year, there have been four journalists taken hostages, ten imprisoned, and at least one murder. But influencers (sometimes calling themselves “independent journalists” while clearly not) are being granted visas and taken on regime-chaperoned city tours if they promote an image of a safe and stable Syria. Some worry that this will lead countries to send refugees back to a bad situation. Currently, the only news outlets in the country are closely tied to the government, and the only journalists doing well are mouthpieces of the government. Foreign mouthpieces are also government approved and some are American-based, far-left websites such as The Grayzone, which is known for misleading reporting and sympathetic coverage of authoritarian regimes.

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🎬 Action of the Week

Interested in helping to protect wildlife currently at risk in Ukraine? Learn more and support through the Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group.



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