Vivian Diep

Advanced Plastic Recycling Has Toxic Potential

Tue Mar 21If China isn’t taking our plastics anymore, how do we recycle it at home? Advanced recycling sounds like a big step in the right direction as it takes our plastic trash and turns it into new plastic or fuel. Here’s the catch though: It’s a toxic process. Advanced …

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Keeping Cash Is Key to Keeping Freedom

Fri Feb 17 In many countries, you’re likely paying for things with a credit card, allowing you to accrue mileage, credit card points, and enjoy the convenience and safety of not carrying cash. But what if cash were no longer an option at all? What’s the cost of going cashless? …

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Pricey Fertilizer Grows Greener Farming Practices

Thu Feb 2Noticed a jump in fertilizer prices at the garden supply shop? How about the price of groceries? We're all upset but farmers are especially frustrated by the price of fertilizer, which is already 40% lower from last spring but still double what it was two years ago. For …

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new battle: forest v solar panel

France’s Future Holds Solar Parking Lots and Forests Tue Feb 7While energy prices in France are lower than last summer’s shocking highs, it’s still a lot higher than it was just a few years ago. Many have called for both a return to regulation of the energy market and more …

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Goodbye to $2 million coin tosses

FDA Modernization Act 2.0 Removes Requirement for Animal Testing Wed Jan 11In 1937, 100+ people (including many children) died from Elixir Sulfanilamide, a drug prescribed for strep throat. Upon investigation, it was found that chemists used the deadly poison, diethylene glycol (the slightly sweet, colorless, near odorless solvent used in …

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you’re rubber and I’m moo

Bouncing Back From Deforestation Thu Jan 19A Manhattan-sized chunk of the Amazon has been destroyed under Bolsonaro’s administration, but the new administration wants to undo that. The new environment minister, activist Marina Silva, even promised “zero deforestation” by 2030. But there’s no money in forest product exports (such as rubber) …

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Dam Threatens To Release Toxic Sludge

Tue Jan 10Should you want a reminder for why we need the EPA, South Carolina’s leaking Conestee Dam provides. Built in 1892 (way before the EPA existed) to power the Conestee Mill, the dam is now 75 years past its rated lifespan of 50 years and leaking. If the dam …

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