Vivian Diep

attack on librarians and drought-driven gold miners of Somalia

Book Bans Becoming Librarian Hunts Wed Dec 21Quiet libraries with their shushing librarians have become a battleground for conservative groups. Back in February, we discussed the sweeping book bans from conservatives. Well, efforts have only escalated as conservative groups hurl death threats and wild accusations of grooming children and pedophilia …

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bytes that won't turn your stomach (unless the animal kingdom wigs you out)

Doctors Ignore Medical GuidelinesMany think that patients fail to follow prescription drug guidelines either because the guidelines are too complex or the patients do not trust their doctor. But if either is true, then physicians themselves should be the best at adherence. Surprisingly, they’re actually the worst. A decade of …

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Detecting disease from birth and natural gas isn’t a natural green

(285) detecting disease from birth

Checking Genes for Disease in Newborns Wed Dec 14Diagnosing a disease early could more than save a person’s life, it could save their quality of life. But catching a disease in a child? A baby? Without symptoms, it used to be impossible. Now, the U.K.’s National Health Services is testing …

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Untangling the web of drug manufacturing and an effort to keep space tidy

(284) Untangling the web of drug manufacturing

Using AI to Unravel Pharmaceutical Supply Webs Wed Nov 30The “Made In” label on products is helpful, but can be simplistic (see: conflict meat). In fact, modern supply chains are infamously complex at this point, but what are the implications when it comes to our drugs? Currently, the active ingredients …

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What makes a good leader? Do our biases make it hard to define?

what makes a good leader?

More Women In Power, Less Trust In Them Wed Nov 30More women are filling leadership roles than in the past but we also seem to be trusting women less in these roles, according to the Reykjavik Index for Leadership. Only 47% of respondents said they were “very comfortable” with a …

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paying is the hardest part but not just because of inflation

Paying is the hardest part

Not Everyone Can Self-Checkout Mon Nov 21Self-checkout isn’t a beloved part of the grocery shopping experience, but it’s even more frustrating, if not impossible, for those with disabilities. The troubles range from the lack of space for a wheelchair (and thus a screen that’s out of reach for those shoppers) …

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Math isn’t black and’s more like boy v girl

Math isn’t black and white

Fine Tuning Virtual Classrooms for Equality Wed Nov 16Past research tells us that teachers, like everyone else, have biases. So what does that look like in virtual classrooms? Is it better or worse? Virtual classrooms have very simple interactions but are highly controllable, too. Could it help us unseat biases …

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