Vivian Diep

breaking the concrete ceiling - followed by a well earned nap

Women are bulldozing their way into construction jobs Tue Aug 16 These days, it feels like jobs are all over the place — especially when you look at it through the lens of gender. While women suffered the biggest burden on jobs lost due to the pandemic, the “Great Resignation” …

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bytes that bite and a byte we like - four BTF bytes on big stories

Facebook’s Scary Data DecisionWe’re no strangers to the dangers of how Big Tech uses of our data — but it doesn’t make it any less shocking. The latest egregious misuse? Facebook handing over a 17-year-old girl's data to Nebraska police for alleged crimes related to abortion (abortion is illegal in …

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carpe diem before it gets cut short - negative leap second is a real possibility now

Days Are Shorter and Big Tech Hates It Fri Jul 29If it feels like time is flying by, it is! … Kind of. Although it’s imperceptible to us, the Earth has been spinning faster — meaning a day is not quite a full 24 hours. On June 29th of this …

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Deflating tires and inflating prices, but where do we go from here?

Raging against climate change Tue Jul 26When does a form of protest go too far? One 2018 study believes it's when violence gets added to the mix, ultimately losing allies of the cause. Some are pointing to such studies to condemn the Tyre Extinguishers, an anonymous collective that has deflated …

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We don't listen to our doctors

Is AI-generated advice too artificial? Tue Jul 5Algorithms shuffle through music and recommend memes for us, but are we ready for them to give us health advice? Some insurers have started using artificial intelligence (AI) to scan patient medical records to efficiently detect ways to improve their help. So far, …

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Our nightlife is to blame for our pollen

Chasing away the darkness and all the life that thrives in it Tue Jul 12Humans have spent their time trying to make nature bend to our whims and pursuit of productivity, but nature is a lot more complex and the unintended consequences are finally coming to light. A recent study …

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When going green lands you in the red

Less plastic, more food waste? Fri Jun 17Stolen steaks, rotting bananas, torn bags. These are just a few of the negative consequences one U.K. supermarket chain had to face after making the noble decision to move permanently away from plastic packaging by the end of next year. But it has …

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